Our story

Hi and welcome! We are Nat and Jade, co-founders of Happy Baton and like many mums in Hong Kong, our homes are cluttered with toys which were once loved by our kids, but which are now collecting dust (at best) in a lonely storeroom or (worse still) in a garbage tip. Yet, as our children grow, we keep buying more and more toys which add to the clutter even more! That’s why we came up with the idea of launching an online toy library in Hong Kong- Happy Baton!

It serves as a new home for unwanted toys, as well as a platform to teach the next generation a more sustainable way to play, on the premise that Less is More. Happy Baton aims to do this by encouraging children to share their old toys and to borrow instead of buying more toys.

Growing up in Australia, we were exposed to reusing, recycling at a young age and it is important for us to teach our children the same. There are more than 250 toy libraries across Australia and we were surprised the service was not offered in Hong Kong.

We are passionate in selecting high quality and sustainable toys for our children, but often found them to be overpriced or not available in Hong Kong. Therefore, we have curated a wide range of toys to promote children’s development, nurture creativity and spark their imagination.