How we sanitise

All of our toys are thoroughly cleaned & disinfected after every use and before they reach your home.

How we sanitise:

  1. Throughly cleaned by wiping and brushing with water and then with children safe, anti-bacterial disinfectant – we use G-MIST.
  2. Sanitise and disinfect with a patented technology that thoroughly cleans with high-steam, UV light and nano-disinfectant that kills 99.90% of germs
  3. Air dry

All our cleaning products are environmentally friendly and safe for children.

Toys packaging

Toys are individually packaged in reusable canvas bags to keep them clean during storage and transport. Bags are sanitised after every use.

Your toys are delivered in re-usable  boxes. We kindly ask you to keep the bags and boxes clean and return the toys in the canvas bags and box.