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Why Are Our Boxes So Special?



It’s not just an educational box. Our Toy Boxes are curated based on your child’s unique developmental needs, so it grows with your child!



We offer more than toys! As subscribers you will receive resourceful tips for you to learn and grow with your child!



We follow up on your child’s learning progress periodically to ensure your monthly Toy Boxes are stimulating their growing brains!

Fun, Educational & Curated Toy Boxes

We’ll ask you some questions at checkout for our Toy Experts to curate what’s best for your child.

Your box is delivered and swapped every month so the learning and fun never ends!

Click below to see some samples of our curated Toy Boxes.

Get The Most Out of Your Toys!

We'll guide you through how to engage with your child through playing!

How It Works

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Pick your toy box subscription and complete the questionnaire.

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Let us pick the best toys most suited to your child, enjoy the toys for a month!

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We’ll come back to swap your toy box for a NEW one to keep your little one stimulated and entertained!

Pick Your Toy Box

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Monthly Plan
$500 a month
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3 Month Plan

First month free + $450 a month
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(save $650)
First month free + $630 a month
for 3 months
(save $910)
12 Month Plan
$400 a month
for 12 months
(save $1,200)
$550 a month
for 12 months
(save $1,800)

Plans auto renew, suspend or cancel* anytime!

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What our customers are saying

A great solution for Hong Kong parents

We love Happy Baton toys, where your child gets to try out the all sort of toys without having to buy them.

Hong Kong space is precious, so big bulky toys is not always ideal. That is why Happy Baton is such a good solution. Your child gets to experience and play with these toys for a month, and a month later, they can try something else.

Our favourite is their premium collection, where our son was able to experience and play with the arch and soon the pickler triangle. We cannot wait!

Highly recommend them. Great communication, organise and hassle free!

Christine Field-Hall (aka Mummy Diary HK)
Child's age(s)17 months

Love the concept!

Loving the concept! As an eco-friendly mom, it can be frustrating to refuse buying as many toys as my little ones might ask. BUT RENTING TOYS is GENIUS!!! I don’t have to find them a permanent place in my small home, I don’t have to deal with them once my kids outgrow them, I can have new ones every month. I even use it to trial what they’ll like for Christmas and birthdays!!!

Child's age(s)2 & 5

I’m so glad to have

I’m so glad to have found this sustainable, eco-friendly toy borrowing service in Hong Kong. I love seeing my child’s face light up when presented with new toys, but at the same time I didn’t love the idea of buying items that would eventually end up collecting dust in a corner, or end up in landfill.
I decided to give Happy Baton a try and have been very impressed. The whole process from placing my order to delivery was quick and simple, and my daughter is loving the variety of toys that were selected for her. Now she can be delighted with new toys every month while playing a small part in protecting the environment!

Child's age(s)1

Thank you!

Really great customer service and selection of toys. My child received a range of different fun toys that kept her entertained for hours.

It’s something I would never have picked but goes to show the toy experts know what they’re doing!

Child's age(s)3

Great for the environment

I really like the idea how the toys can be re-played as my kids have gone through so many toys.

It’s nice to know their pre-loved toys are being enjoyed by other kids too!

Child's age(s)5, 3 & 1

Such a great idea!

My son loves receiving different toys every month and I don’t have to deal with all the toy clutter at home.

Child's age(s)2

How We Sanitise

The safety and well-being of your children are important to us. We use a professional Dry Steam Cleaner to steam clean and disinfect our toys. The steam is heated up in the boiler up to 174°C for a thorough deep clean, effectively killing germs and bacteria. No harmful chemicals are used for the well-being of your children and the environment!

Thermostar cleaning device