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Peppa Pig Memo Game

Peppa Pig Memo Game includes 24 pairs (48 coloured memo picture cards in total). Brightly coloured picture memo cards. Each featuring a character or object from the popular children's show. Ideal for even the smallest of hands to enjoy. The aim of the game is to be the first player to match the most memo cards. Start the game of placing all the memo cards face down on a surface - you can mix them up to have it more challenging once your child is used to the game concept. Then, taking it in turns, a player can turn over any two memo cards to see if the picture on the reverse side matches the other memo card they have turned over - if the pictures match, then that players can 'keep' the memo cards and continue turning over cards until they do not match any memo cards. The winner is the player who has collected and matched the most memo cards once all memo cards have been turned over.


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