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Double sided slide puzzle

DOUBLE-SIDED SLIDE PUZZLE TOY – This four-color and shape puzzle game is a fantastic and fun double-sided sliding logic puzzle. With shapes on one side and colors on the other that can help your little one think quickly and strategically. TEACHES COLOR & SHAPE MATCHING – Using one of our sliding logic puzzle’s 18 puzzle cards, your child will quickly learn how to recognize and match both colors and shapes as they try to solve each puzzle within the time limit of the hourglass. PERFECT STEM TOY FOR EARLY DEVELOPMENT – Thanks to our color and shape matching maze’s intricate design that tests and helps develop your child’s cognitive thinking skills, it’s ideal for providing an early start on your child’s STEM development. Includes 18 puzzle cards, hourglass timer, and stand all in one neat place for easier storage when you’re done playing.


Age 4+,

SKU: CO542