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Baby Toy Box 6

HABA Mobile - Practise grasping and batting with high quality beautiful wooden mobile
B Toys Rolling Mirror - Mirrors are so fascinating for an infant, even though they may not yet understand it is themselves they are looking at in the mirror. So if you haven't introduced mirrors to your infant yet, it would be a great time to do so! This infant-safe rolling mirror allows for your infant to enjoy seeing his/her own reflection during tummy time, and its rolling nature encourages for your baby to try to roll or reach for it as well! During tummy time, you may try making exaggerated, funny faces with him/her as s/he tries to imitate some of your facial expressions in front of the mirror,  and you may also have "conversations" with him/her as he/she babbles. They are just as fun even if you don't do anything, and watch them have a go! (Social, Visual Perception)
Panda Wobbler - This adorable little wobbler is great for curious little babies to learn cause-and-effect, practice reaching, and encourage overall muscle movement! (Motor)
Interlocking discs - This is a Montessori classic used to practice hand-to-hand transfer, as well as encourage rolling or reaching, as the discs wobble and roll. As hand-to-hand transfer can happen anywhere from 5-8 months, your little one can practice with this toy, or simply enjoy grasping it with both hands, or tracking it as it wobbles away! (Motor, Visual Tracking)
Extra play tip of the month: Encourage your infant to practice rolling, if they haven't already, with our interlocking discs, wobbler, mirror, or any favorite toy he/she owns. One way to assist him/her would be to straighten the leg on the side that you want him/her to roll to, and gently bend the other, so that they eventually get used to the motion.

All baby toy boxes includes the Montessori Baby Gym.