/  Toy borrowing information


When borrowing toys from Happy Baton the toys are your responsibility while on loan.  We would appreciate members to treat Toy Library toys and toy packaging with all reasonable care. Please return toys in their original bags/boxes in a clean and dry condition. 


For safety, please follow the guidelines below:

• Check all toys and parts for safety before allowing children access to them.

• Contact us if any of the toys are broken.

• Do not allow children access to packaging canvas bags, boxes etc. which we use to store the toys.

• Provide helmets and protective gear for use with bikes and ride-on toys.

• Ensure that children have adequate supervision while using the toys.

• Ensure that the toy is appropriate for the age and ability of the child.

• Ensure that the toy is used in the appropriate manner and for the purpose in which it was intended.


A $300 refundable deposit is required when you first sign up. The deposit is refunded to you when your subscription ends and all toys are returned in their original condition.  Please email us [email protected] should you wish to stop your subscription and request for a refund. 

A toy pick up of $100 will apply.


The borrowing period is 4 weeks from the date you receive the toys.  


All members are strongly encouraged to check toys before their children play with them, preferably at the time of borrowing. If a piece is missing or damaged please contact us. 


Sometimes the piece may already be noted as missing. 

If you still can’t find it, you pay a fine per piece which is fully refundable if you later find and return the missing piece. This price will vary depending on what the piece is however in most cases it is $20. 

If a toy is lost or damaged beyond repair, you will need to cover 50% of the cost of replacement.