/  Envrionemental Friendly & Efficient Service! So thankful for Happy Baton!

Envrionemental Friendly & Efficient Service! So thankful for Happy Baton!

When I first came across this platform, I was super excited because it would save space and my kid would get a rotation of different toys every month! Happy Baton curates a series of toys according to your child’s age & development milestone.

The cleaning process really made me feel safe and was one of the key reason I started subscribing to the premium plan. With owners who are parents, I feel Happy Baton would understand what mums are looking for, and what are the concerns when looking at this service.

The website / subscription is super easy to understand and user friendly – you can see the toys from the website too! I am so grateful for this service as it saves me a lot of headache on what to buy for my kid that are educational and fun. The premium package also include bigger toys which you can rotate on monthly basis – perfect because kids usually get bored of one toy soon and you are not stuck with it forever.
The conditions of the toys are great and the entire process has been super pleasant.

I would highly recommend Happy Baton to everyone – switch up the toys for your bubs, save space at home, and most importantly – save the environment!