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Montessori Baby Gym (Level 1 to 6)

This solid wood baby gym is the perfect base to attach Montessori mobiles. With our subscription programme, you'll receive a variety of mobiles and educational toys to attach to this baby gym, swapping them as your baby grows and develop new skills. 

  1. Why is the baby gym so simple? Most mainstream baby gyms are cluttered with multiple features. While these baby gyms can be entertaining, we specifically chose this simplistic baby gym with focus and engagement in mind. 
  2. Why is is bigger than other baby gyms? This baby gym is designed to give your baby sufficient space for freedom of movement, which is essential for developing gross motor skills. 
  3. Why is the tall setting important? With the tall setting, you can can freely adjust the distance of the baby gym accessories are from your baby's body and you'll also have more choices as to how your baby is placed underneath the baby gym.