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Magnetic Tiles Set

Let your child indulge in fun and exploration by creating geometric shapes in 3D with these awesome magnetic tiles. Includes 6 large squares, 4 small squares, 4 large triangles and 4 small triangles. 18 pieces

How to Play 
  1. Explore your child’s creativity. Children can move from two-dimensional to three-dimensional creations. You can try vertical play on magnet boards, metal baking trays and fridges. Or play near a window.  
  1. Help them learn and practice a variety of skills and concepts such as and not limited to: Magnetic Principles, Force & Motion, Electricity 
  1. Learn early math concepts with magnetic tiles: Learning Fractions, Building Patterns, Shape Puzzles.  
Educational benefits 
2D and 3D Shape Recognition, Learn Patterns and Visualization, Color Recognition, Teamwork and Cooperation Skills, Fine Motor and Spatial Skills Adult supervision required



SKU: BC243