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Baby Toy Box 5

Grasping Ring & Red Disc - These mobile accessories look simple, but are authentic Montessori items that you may find in authentic Montessori infant programs, to build strength and motor skills and practice holding with two hands. They can either be a batting mobile or a handheld toy. (Motor, Visual Perception)
Wooden book of Animals - Books are always important items in a home to expose infants to language, so we have included this sturdy Montessori-inspired wooden book to our collection, complete with realistic pictures of animals. A wooden book with thick pages is also great for a page-turning activity, as well as tummy time! (Visual Perception, Language)
Winkel Rattle - This Manhattan Toy lightweight rattle is a time-honored classic for little hands is a BPA-free developmental baby toy that promotes two-handed play. (Motor, Tactile & Sound Perception)
Double Maraca - This beautiful decor-friendly Babynoise Double Maraca is an infant-safe musical instrument, designed to ergonomically fit into babies' hands. Play a wide range of music - classical, jazz, modern, etc, to see what inspires their movement! (Motor, Sound Perception)
Extra play tip of the month: Create a "hand kite" by attaching multi-colored ribbons  onto your wooden grasping ring, to create a Waldorf-inspired toy that he/she can shake around with! Be sure to double knot the ribbons, and make sure the strands are not too long for an infant to handle, and supervise this activity.

All baby toy boxes includes the Montessori Baby Gym.