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Baby Toy Box 4

Dancer Mobile - The beautiful, delicate, reflective Dancer Mobile, or the Harmony Wings Mobile, is the fourth mobile in the progression of Montessori Mobiles, helpful for binocularity (ie. two eyes working together to see depth), dynamic visual tracking, gaze switching between objects, perceiving details of moving objects, and developing shape, color and size permanence. Its reflective properties is also interesting for your infant to look at as it "dances" with light! Simply set it out on the play gym for your infant to enjoy during floor time! (Visual Perception, Cognitive)
Disclaimer: Be sure to keep it safely out of reach, as it is mainly intended for visual exploration.
Pea Rattle & Grimm's Klipp Klapp Rattle - For a young infant, the simplest toys might be just what they need. A simple handle with a rattling sound would already help your infant to learn cause-and-effect, hand-eye coordination, provide auditory stimulation, and develop his/her palmer grasp. One alternative way to engage in interactive play would be to shake the rattle for your infant while out of sight, to start developing echolocation skills, where they try to locate items just by hearing where it comes from. (Motor, Auditory Perception)
HABA Dangling Rainbow - This extra play gym accessory has all the colors of the rainbow to stimulate your little one's sense of color. The clutching ring at the bottom encourages reaching, and the play gym may also be adjusted to the appropriate height for your infant to engage in attempts to catch the dangling ring.
Visual Quiet Book - Our visual quiet book is a perfect item for self-exploration during tummy time, as well as parent-infant joint exploration. It has pockets, a small reflective mirror, and a collection of crinkly pages for shape and color recognition. It can be used both as a quiet time activity for your infant, and during bonding time as you expose your infant to language, describing the colors and shapes on each page. (Sensory, Language, Independent Play)

All baby toy boxes includes the Montessori Baby Gym.