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Baby Toy Box 3

Gobbi Mobile - The purpose of the Montessori infant mobile series is to strengthen the infant's vision, and are presented in order for a variety of purposes to match with your infant's stage in visual development. They should all be hung safely out of reach while still within the infant's range of vision. The Gobbi Mobile is the third in this progression, as the infant is able to perceive gradients of color by this stage. (Visual Acuity)
Taf Koala Baby Book - This is a soft baby book that includes a collection of images, crinkly textures, and also a baby-safe mirror for tummy time exploration! (Tummy-Time play, Visual perception, Tactile sensory)
Grasp Rattles - These rattles encourage infants to practice their palmer grasp and understand cause-and-effect. (Motor, Sound Perception)
 Hanging Bell - The bell encourages the visual and auditory development of the baby This baby mobile stimulates the baby to reach and grasp the bell. The way you hang the bell is to be close to baby's reach but not too close to grab it. The bell makes a beautiful jingle bell sound.
Extra Play Tips: Babies now can see up to 18 inches away, so they may recognize your face sooner than before and may start to engage in social smiles. Try to stick your tongue out and see if he/she would reciprocate!

All baby toy boxes includes the Montessori Baby Gym.