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Baby Toy Box 1

Munari Mobile - The purpose of the Montessori infant mobile series is to strengthen the infant's vision, and are presented in order for a variety of purposes to match with your infant's stage in visual development. They should all be hung safely out of reach while still within the infant's range of vision, which is within one foot. The first mobile in the progression is the Munari Mobile, and is designed to capture the infant's limited visual capabilities and stimulate his/her inherently mathematical mind and sense of order. The black and white contrasting colors and shapes follow a precise formula based on the size of the clear glass sphere, which creates an interesting reflection. (Visual Acuity)
Grimm's Klipp Klapp Rattle - For a newborn, rattles may mainly be for the parents and caretakers to use, to stimulate their sound perception at the start, shaking it at different places for your infant to find. It can also be used as a grasping toy, or as something to encourage moving his/her head from side to side. (Sound perception, Motor skills)
Hape Rotating Music Box - This music box from Hape provides a calming, soothing, and relaxing environment and can accompany your infant during feeding, sleep, or play. (Sound Perception)
Black and White cards with card holder - Infants' vision at the earliest stage is most sensitive to high-contrast, black and white colors, so we curated this set of cards for floor time with a variety of geometric patterns. (Visual perception)
The Mobile - "This two sided mobile features a spiral design with black and white images on one side and colors on the other. It is good for visual exploration and focus .

All baby toy boxes includes the Montessori Baby Gym.