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4 Essential Montessori Mobiles for your Baby

Which Montessori mobile is best for your baby? Keep reading to find out!

Munari Mobile from Newborn Box 1


The first mobile in the progression is the Munari Mobile, and is designed to capture the infant’s limited visual capabilities and stimulate his/her inherently mathematical mind and sense of order. The black and white contrasting colors and shapes follow a precise formula based on the size of the clear glass sphere, which creates an interesting reflection.

Octahedron Mobile from Newborn Box 2


The second mobile is the octahedron mobile, intended for 5-8 weeks of age. At this point, the infant is able to perceive more colors, with red being the easiest. The use of octahedrons lays the foundation for future geometric characteristics such as proportion, and patterns. Its reflective qualities also promote focus and concentration.

Gobbi Mobile from Newborn Box 3


The Gobbi Mobile is the third in this progression, it is designed for infants to perceive gradients of color. We introduce it at just the right time after your baby is beginning to see colours. This mobile will challenge your newborn to differentiate shades of the same colour and further improving their visual development.

Dancer Mobile from Newborn Box 4


This beautiful, delicate, reflective Dancer Mobile is the fourth mobile in the progression of Montessori Mobiles. It’s reflective properties is also interesting for your infant to look at as it truly “dances” with the natural light and breeze. Your newborn will love looking at it and even dancing along with the mobile.

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