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The Secret to a Good Night’s Sleep

Lack of sleep can be frustrating and exhausting for you and your baby. Want to your baby to sleep better? Keep reading to learn about the 5’s to soothing babies proposed by Dr. Harvey Karp, inventor of the SNOO


Babies can be swaddled during sleep to decrease the startle reflex. Babies should not be swaddled once they can roll over. The SNOO, award-winning smart bassinet, comes with safe swaddles and SNOO babies can remain safely swaddled until they graduate to the crib. 
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Side or Stomach

Holding babies on their side or stomach, or over your shoulder, can help them fall asleep better.
Just remember that this position is for holding only and babies should be placed on their back when they sleep.
See the magic of the side hold HERE.


Sounds that mimic the womb’s environment, such as sushing and white noise, can soothe babies. However, not all white noise is created equal. To make sure you’re giving your little one the just-right sleep sounds, try the award-winning SNOO.

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Swinging and rocking motions is another way to recreate the womb’s environment. Manually rocking your baby can be tiring and baby swings are often unsafe for extended sleep as your baby head could flop forward which may obstruct their airway. The SNOO keeps baby secured on their backs so they can experience rocking motion safely all night.


Sucking on a pacifier, thumb or breast lowers your baby’s heart rate, blood pressure, and stress levels. For breastfeeding moms, it is recommended to wait until nursing is well-established before introducing a pacifier.
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