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Gross Motor Development Milestones

Every Child is unique and develops gross motor skills at their own pace. It is important not to compare your child to these common milestones. Rather, we should understand what to expect at every stage so you can provide the best tools for your child to learn and develop these key skills. 

The wooden spinning drum is one of our subscribers’ favourite toys. It helps babies develop core muscles, cross the midline and reaching.

0-5 months

– Support and move head
– Kicking alternate legs
– Rolling from stomach to back
– Hands to midline and transfer
– Reaching in lying and sitting positions

6-12 months

– Rolls from back to stomach
– Creeps or crawls
– Sits independently
– Stands and take steps with support
– Crosses midline when playing

Our 1-2 year old boxes include a lot of toys that encourages mobility, standing and walking.

1-2 years

– Walk independently
– Stand on one foot with help
– Creep up and down stairs
– Kick ball
– Jump in place

2-3 years

– Run with good coordination
– Balance on one foot for 1-2 seconds
– Climb on ladder
– Throw balls overhead
– Jump forward

You can also rent large toys like this balance beam for your child to develop gross motor skills at home safely.

3-4 years

– Walk on balance beam sideways
– Catch a ball
– Hop on one foot
– Walk up and down stairs independently
– Ride a tricycle/ balance bike