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5 Ways to Play Peekaboo

Who said peekaboo is just for babies? Here are 5 alternative and developmentally-appropriate ways to play peekaboo with Happy Baton toys. 

0-4 Months: Vision 👀

High Contrast Light-up Rattle
How to play: Add a rattle to peekaboo play to spice things up. Shake the rattle and slowly move it across your child’s face until it is out of sight. And slowly move it back
Benefits: Develop eye tracking skills

4-12 months: Cognition 🧠

Pull Along Dancing Crocodile
How to play: Hide this pull along toy under a blanket. As your baby pulls the string (with some help), the little crocodile will come out dancing. And your baby will squeal with excitement as they begin to understand object permanence. 
Benefits: Understand object permanence

12-18 months: Social skills 🤗

Rainbow Play Scarf
How to play: Let your baby cover their face with a play scarf and play peekaboo with you. You and your child can slowly coordinate and they’ll learn to pull down the scarf on cue when you say “PEEKABOO”. Bonus tip: Your child might also enjoy saying “boo” as they are revealing their face.
Benefits: Learn to interact and respond to cues

18-24 months: Language 🗣️

Realistic Animal Puzzle
How to play: Hide a piece of puzzle and say “Peekaboo, I see…”. Reveal the puzzle and let your child complete the sentence.
Start with a few animals your child knows and slowly build up their vocabulary. Every child learns at their own pace. Make adjustments as you see fit.
Benefits: Build and expand vocabulary

2-3 years: Sensory development 🤲

Doggy Bags Game (Mystery Bag)
How to play: Before beginning, ensure that your child can correctly name all of the objects. Have your child reach into the bag and find a particular object. Then your child can take it out and place it on the table. 
To start, place only one object in the bag for your child to feel. 
Benefits: Learn to visualise object with sense of touch