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Baby Essentials: Checklist for New Parents

Here are some baby essentials for new parents to get your home ready for your baby’s arrival. Keep reading to find out what new parents often forget.

The Smartest Crib for the Happiest Baby (and parents!)

The SNOO is a baby essential

The SNOO is a baby essential on many new parent’s checklist. It is available for rent at Happy Baton.

Your baby will spend a lot of time SNOOzing… or so you hope. Good sleep for baby and you is so important. The SNOO automatically rocks your baby to sleep and uses soothing white noise to boost sleep. Not to mention, it reduces the risk of SIDS and helps you practise safe sleep with your baby. 

The SNOO is available for rental now at Happy Baton. Complete the SNOO interest form to make a booking before your baby’s arrival. 

Eat, Sleep, PLAY !!!

Give your baby appropriate stimulation during their short wake windows. Try to avoid flashy and overstimulating toys and opt for passive toys that’ll encourage your baby to discover their capabilities. Happy Baton’s infant toy boxes supports babies’ developmental milestones. Every toy box includes 4 different Montessori-inspired toys and they are swapped every month to ensure your baby is playing with developmentally-appropriate toys. Not to mention, it is super eco friendly as most toys your baby will grow out of their toys very quickly at the early stages of their lives. 

Something parents often forget…

A lot of what to get for your baby’s eating, sleeping and playing comes down to personal preference. What all new parents need is a great support community. Reach out to your family and friends to discuss how they can support you. Baumhaus HK is a professional music centre in Hong Kong that offers community meet ups for new parents too. Follow them on Instagram for the latest info.

Congratulations on becoming new parents! Hope this list of baby essentials will help you on this exciting new journey!