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Activities for Toddlers After School in Hong Kong

Learning never stops! Here are a few activities to do with your toddlers after the school day ends. Read until the end for our favourite toddler classes in Hong Kong. 

Free Play at Home

Lucite blocks from our 2-3yo Engineer’s Toy Box

Free play gives children an opportunity for children to make choices, use their imagination, and develop important skills at their own pace. It is also an excellent opportunity for you as a parent to sit back and observe how much your child is learning from their school. Happy Baton‘s toy box rental subscription is designed with child-led free play in mind. A box of 4 age-appropriate developmental toys would be delivered and swapped every 4 weeks, making it easier for busy families in Hong Kong with limited space to practise child-led play at home. 

Child-led Walks

Activities for toddlers, child-led walks

Child-led walks is one of our favourite activities for toddlers

The wonderful thing about living in Hong Kong is the fact that a beautiful trail or a nice park is always within reach. During your walk, follow your child’s pace. When they are focused on a plant, let them observe it instead of asking questions or giving out facts. Your child may surprise you with what they discovered on their own, and even take initiative to ask you questions about the plant. 

Extracurricular Classes

Baumhaus HK offers Kindermusik classes for kids aged 0-6 years

Music and dance classes are also fun activities for toddlers to enjoy after school. Kindermusik classes offered by Baumhaus HK is one our our favourite music classes in Hong Kong. BallroomBees is also a great gender-neutral dance programme led by world champions. 


As parents living in a busy city, it is easy to feel pressure to fill your kid’s after school schedule. What they really need is freedom to explore their own interests and lots of quality time with loved ones. So, don’t be afraid to let your child be “bored”!