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Montessori Toy Rotation in Hong Kong

Toy rotation is a popular system advocated by Montessori educators that’ll help you manage your toys more effectively. Happy Baton‘s toy box rental subscription is designed with the concept of toy rotation in mind. A box of 4 age-appropriate developmental toys would be delivered and swapped every 4 weeks, making it easier for busy families in Hong Kong with limited space to practise toy rotation at home.

What is Montessori toy rotation?

Our subscriber’s toy shelf, integrating Happy Baton toys with other toys

Toy rotation means presenting a selection of toys and rotating them on a regular basis. Rather than making toys available all at once, you’ll only present a limited curation of appropriate toys. There are many ways to present the toys but Montessori educators recommend keeping them in a space where the child can see the toys, reach the toys, and put them back with ease. 

Why should I rotate toys?

Babies and toddlers naturally crave routine and order. Toy rotation keeps your play area orderly. An accessible presentation of limited toys makes it easy for children to choose the toys they want, and return the ones they are not using. Clutter creates confusion, curation offers choice! 

How should I implement toy rotation?

It is as simple as 1-2-3!

1. Declutter and organise

Donate or resell toys that are not suitable for your child. After that, organise the rest of your toys into the following groups: puzzle, blocks, flashcards, board games, pretend play, instruments, etc. We highly recommend donating and selling toys with Retykle. You can also send a message to our professional toy curators for free assistance. We’re always here to help! 

2. Curate and store

Select 4-8 toys from different groups that are suitable for your child. Present them in trays or baskets on a low shelf your child can reach. Store the rest neatly and out of sight. If you have a Happy Baton toy box, all you’ll need to do is present the toys in the toy box. You can also add a few toys that you own. 

3. Rotate

A big part of toy rotation is, you guessed it… ROTATING TOYS! It is important to evaluate how your child had interacted with your toy selection, select new toys accordingly and store the ones that are not in use periodically. You won’t forget to do this when you’re subscribed to Happy Baton’s toy box programme. Their team will send four new developmentally appropriate toys to you and collect the old ones from your doorstep. 

1-year-old little girl with her Happy Baton Toy Box

Toy rotation is such a smart and green way to manage your toy collection but it can be time consuming and space consuming. Hence, Happy Baton is here to make toy rotation as simple and easy as possible for busy families with limited space in Hong Kong. Happy Baton helps families select high quality educational toys, and rotating them every 4 weeks. They’ll do all the work while you PLAY!