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Best Rattles for Babies

Rattles teach our babies cause and effect, helps them develop dexterity, and lets them put the new skills they developed into use. Babies have been using rattles are generations. Unlike previous generations, we are overwhelmed with so many choices on the market these days. It can be difficult to find the right one for your baby. Let Jen, teacher and infant massage instructor from Little, guide you in finding the best rattles for babies, or more accurately, choosing the best rattle for your baby. 

Stage-Based Development Matters


Your baby is growing and developing new skills every day. it is important to choose a rattle that complements their stage of development.

Stage 1: Focus and Tracking

At the beginning, your baby will be adjusting to light and beginning to focus. The Grimm’s Red Rattle from Happy Baton’s Box 1 is a brightly coloured, gentle, all-natural rattle perfect for engaging with babies at the beginning stages. 

When your baby starts developing tracking skills, a high contrast light up rattle will help your baby focus and follow the rattle. There’s also a mirror at the end of the rattle. Your baby will love tracking their own face from the mirror too!

Stage 2: Grasping and Cognition

In no time, your baby will start grasping and recognising colour. The Montessori bell rattle is easy for babies to hold and the shiny bells at the ends are very attractive to babies at this stage. The Montessori pea rattle is also easy for baby to grasp and the primary coloured peas moving to create the sounds will help your child refine their tracking skills and recognise colour at the same time.

Stage 3: Transfer and Reach

As your baby becomes more active and mobile, the rattles they have should facilitate their physical development. The Winkle Rattle is easy for baby to clutch and transfer to their other hand, thus encouraging them to cross the midline. A rolling rattle is a fun toy for your baby to reach when they are on their tummy. As it rolls away, it’ll also encourage your baby to shuffle, scoot, or crawl to reach for the toy. 

How to Play with Rattles

Rattle Play ideas

Try the rattle game from the video. It is suitable for babies at any stage.

What I love about rattles is that they are so versatile. This video shows one of my favourite ways to play with rattles that is well suited for any age. Every baby is different. It is important to adapt the way you play with a rattle according to your baby’s unique needs. With Happy Baton’s toy box subscription, you’ll have access to a variety of rattles suitable for every stage of your baby’s development. There’s a play guide in every toy box. You can also message their team anytime to talk about your child’s development and discuss play ideas. 

About Jen

Jen is a teacher with over a decade’s experience in the UK and China. She is fully qualified as an infant massage instructor. Her qualification is recognised by the Royal College of Midwives and the International Association of Infant Massage (IAM). Jen founded Little and offers professional baby massage classes to families with babies aged between 0 to 18 months. Book a session here