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Lessons from my Baby’s First Year of Toy Rental

As a first-time mom, I love studying infant development I was recommended so many baby toys by other parents. When I was researching these toys, I couldn’t help but want to try every single one of them. That was when I came across Happy Baton’s toy rental subscription. And I am so glad I did! Happy Baton’s subscription programme has not only helped my baby develop key skills, it also taught me some important lessons. 

Less toys, more creativity

The toys in Happy Baton’s subscription boxes are so versatile. A sensory ball can be rolled on the floor for tummy time, placed under a blanket to teach object permanence, or passed to your baby to develop hand to hand transfer. I also love mixing and matching the toys for different activities. I am so glad Happy Baton’s team showed me the possibilities that can come from 4 toys. 

sensory balls for babies

An assortment of sensory balls in a basket

The math works!

Great toys are expensive, especially authentic Montessori materials. Most developmental toys are only needed for a small window in your child’s life, renting them just makes sense! Not to mention, for busy parents like myself, reselling toys is a lot of work and I just don’t have time for it.

Baby Toy Box

Happy Baton’s toy boxes are filled with high-quality and developmentally appropriate toys.

The bonding experience is what matters

Renting toys has helped me focus on what matters most, bonding with my baby. Less time is spent on shopping, cleaning and decluttering; more time is spent on playing with my baby and watching her grow up.

Bonding with your baby is key

It’s so rewarding to see your child learn through play.

Do I still buy toys for my child? Yes, but not nearly as much as I would’ve if I hadn’t found Happy Baton. My toy rental experience has helped me rethink the way I consume toys and adopt a smarter mindset about play-based learning.