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The power of choices

Endorsed by many teaching philosophies, offering choices to young children is a powerful way to improve communication, reduce tantrums (yes we can end those power struggles!), foster creativity and teach them responsibilities! By toddlerhood, they begin to develop independence and hence may want to do everything themselves. We can offer limited and safe choices to them, so they feel empowered and grown up!

Don’t overwhelm them

There are plenty of opportunities throughout the day to offer your child choices, however, try and limit to only 2-3 choices.  Instead of planning every single meal for them, you can offer clear and simple choices like “Would you like blueberries or a banana?”  This simple gesture can make them feel like they are in control. Let them start with choosing what they wear, what to read and what toys they would like to play!

Help them gain confidence

When your child gets the chance to make choices from a young age, he’ll gain confidence in his own judgment. There may be times they make a mistake, but by not intervening and let them learn from their mistakes might be the best way for them to learn! 

Offer choices through play

During pretend-play, let them decide the dialogue, take the lead and  👀 & follow! As they play freely with open-ended toys like the Rainbow Arch or Building Blocks, it also fosters and expresses their creativity 🧠 Our toy box subscription includes four toys every month that offers educational toys for your child to choose from. Many are open-ended that promotes problem solving, creativity and independence too. 

Montessori playroom

There is something quite distinct about a Montessori playroom which you can easily adopt at home! The set up is a limited number of toys at their eye-level which encourages them to make simple choices for themselves! Instead of storing it inside cabinets, toys are on display  so the child can reach and approach what they’d like to engage in.