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The POP-IT toy is here!

We’re huge fans of SENSORY TOYS, but this POP-IT fidget toy deserves some attention. It’s lightweight, non-toxic, easy to carry 👜, and it’s for everybody (yes including grownups like ME & YOU!)
For younger kids, it’s a great tool to boost their concentration and winds them down. For older kids, you can make up various games and play as a team! Here are some ideas for you:

💡Each player can push as many pieces down in a row each round (all connected). The play who pushes the last piece loses the game.

💡 Take turns and see who can push all the pieces the fastest.

💡Name an object of a particular category (e.g. fruits) as you push a piece down. If a player struggles to name it loses the game.



Children with special educational needs benefit even more from our sensory toy range. Research have shown that sensory toys are a great way to engage with their senses that reduces their stress & anxiety at particular situations. it also helps them to reduce their fears and discomfort and play naturally.