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Regulate tantrums through PLAY! 🧸

If we could add to the school curriculum, we’d vouch for emotional well-being. You may already notice, little souls have BIG emotions, and it’s important for them to recognise & regulate these feelings!
As a matter of fact, research shows that children with stronger face-reading skills tend to be more popular and perform better academically too! As they become more aware on their emotions, they tend to manage their behaviour better, navigate relationships and solve problems independently 🤓
In contrast, if emotions are not handled properly, it leads to anxiety, depression and unhealthy behaviours ⛔
How do we start? You can start with games that introduces different emotions to them. Here are some we tried & tested, please share yours too!
1. Guess my feelings
Take turns to draw out different emotions and ask each other to guess their feelings. You can elaborate into different stories that could trigger these feelings. For example, why is he feeling sad? Because he lost his favourite toy at the park.
2. Role-playing
Act out scenarios that could trigger different emotions and ask what the child would do next. You can also use body language and explain why you have these feelings.
3. Matching game
Create a set of cards that depicts emotion-evoking situation (e.g. eating ice-cream 🍦) and match it with the faces 😀😢😠😪
When you support your child in expressing and regulating their feelings, you’re engaging in their holistic wellbeing, increasing their empathy and mental health. Don’t underestimate the power of this!

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