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Simple tips for children with ADHD

Affecting over 6% of all children in HK (that’s 2 in a class of 30!), kids with ADHD typically experience difficulty in sustaining attention, and often display hyperactivity and impulsive behaviour, so being parents of ADHD children is no easy feat! Since children with ADHD appear to be more impulsive and highly energetic, thier learning, daily living and social life are often interrupted, not to mention being labelled as socially withdrawn and lazy – but it is not true. Let us enter their inner world, understand their needs and how to support them 👇

💭 Hopping from task to task: their brains are restless. Once a task is over, they are off to do the next one, and another one and another one, sometimes even repeating the same tasks.

➡️ You could try putting together a timetable with your child, training them to complete 1-2 tasks within each time frame and adjusting their ability to focus. In fact, with a proper and organized schedule in place, they can work pretty efficiently.

💭 Constantly feeling ‘stuck’: as their brains are frequently over-stimulated, their thoughts and emotions are constantly in a heightened state, causing them to feel unsettled. Consequently, they might try to procrastinate or avoid tasks, ultimately failing to attend a task to completion.

➡️ The home environment can have an impact on their attention – try to minimize clutter to create a simple and neat space, your child may find it easier to work and focus with less distractions.

💭 Finishing a task is a huge burden for them: Their minds are full of choices and endless possibilities, which could hinder their decision making and productivity.

➡️  You can encourage them to describe how they are feeling, discuss their options and make a decision with them. This may lighten their load and emotional stress!

💭 Hyper-fixation and inflexibility: Once a brain without an “off” button is switched on, it cannot be stopped easily. This often leads to children feeling overworked, emotional, and too exhausted to carry out other tasks.

➡️ You can organize a mix of ‘active’ and ‘quiet’ activities according to your child’s interest. For example, they can play some sport after reading, to ensure balanced and holistic growth of the mind and body. This will also reduce their burnouts once they gradually get used to this routine.

💭 Hypersensitive and intense reactions: when children with ADHD are interested in something, they could become engrossed and block out the world entirely. Similarly, they also have intensified reactions and expressions of their senses, emotions, thoughts and language.

➡️ If we guide their thinking with patience and help them approach each problem with a positive attitude, their energy could actually be shaped into a strength for their learning.

Like all children, remember to identify good behaviour, and praise it! We work alongside with experts who believe all differences should be celebrated, not judged. To all the mummies with that difficult kid, your’e not alone and you’re doing great! 💪


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