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We’re excited to be sharing with you a simple recipe from Shirley Kwok, the founder of KIRR and the Cakery, two wonderful companies that offers sustainable ingredient and focuses on building a safe and clean community here in Hong Kong.

Ever since COVID-19, I tried to be more creative with my kids food, just to keep them happy at home. My kids get so excited with these surprises. The smiles on their faces make it all worth the trouble. Another reason is that it allows me to control the portion better. With the lack of exercise, we have definitely all gained a few pounds (or more😅). I love getting inspirations from all these cute Japanese bento box designs. They are just super cute and creative! Do you like this cute salmon onigiri that I prepared for kids? It’s so fun watching them eat these animal-themed lunches. They would eat each part one at a time. First the legs, then the ears and nose and finally the body – Always saving the best for last! I also made an adult version for my husband, stay tuned for the upcoming post.

Salmon fillet, 150g  (we have used a sustainably farmed salmon fillet here)
Broccoli, few florets
Kernel Corn, 4 tablespoons
Japanese Rice, 2 cups (you can use any short grain rice)
Salt, a pinch
Ham, small piece
Nori, small piece

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