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Serve & Return with your little one!

Is your child looking at something whilst moving their hands and feet? That’s already called a “serve”. “Serve & Return” refers to the back and forth interactions between the caregiver and the child. By practicing these interactions regularly we improve their attention span, focus and build a strong foundation for learning! 
💡Focus of attention – Is your child pointing at something? Return it by pointing at it too, say “I see!” or just a smile to show encouragement. This rewards her curiosity and interests, so they know they are being heard.
💡Name it! – Return the serve by naming what she is seeing, feeling or pointing. If she points to an apple, you can return it by saying “it’s an apple 🍎 !” Naming items helps the child make important language connections.

💡Don’t jump in too soon – After you return the serve, give your child some time to respond. Waiting is crucial for them to learn self-control and turn-taking.


💡Practice endings & beginnings – Let your child take the lead on when to end a game or start a new one. They may let go of a toy and look for a new one, you can help her explore and make more interactions.


💡Undivided attention – The game will not work if you are on your phone whilst returning a serve. Get down to their level and make plenty of eye contact.


There are lots of opportunities for these conversations with your little ones – it doesn’t have to be a long match! A few games here and there can make a big difference 😊

Toy playing is a great opportunity for many “serve and return” matches with your little one. We’ll pick the best toys for your child, get your box today!

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