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5 Tips To Get Your Toddler Talking


5 Tips to get your child talking – written by Karen Kei, a certified speech therapist

Face to face – get down to your child’s level. It is important for your child to be able to see your face and all the non-verbal cues such as facial expressions, pointing and body language for them to learn language.

💡Comment not question – Asking a lot of questions can feel like a test. Comment on what they are doing and what is happening. For example, instead of saying “What colour is it?”, you can say “ The yellow bus is coming!”, “Mummy is going to cut the apple”🍎

💡Build on what they say –
Listen and pay attention to what your child says. Repeat what your child says then add one word or a new vocabulary. For example, If your child says : “car”, you can say “Red car”, or “ The car is fast”.

💡Show them the right way –
Young children often make mistakes. Show them that you understand, rather than asking them to repeat words correctly. Say the word or sentence again correctly for your child. For example, if they say “Look at the dod”, you can say “Yes, it’s a dog” 🐶

💡Have fun together 🤗 – Join in and play with your child. Use actions, songs and playful sounds to make the activity fun and engaging.

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