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Pink? Blue? Let toys be toys.

Have you walked down an aisle of toys being divided in blue and pink? Cars and robots on one side while cubby houses on the other? After fighting centuries of equality for women, it baffles me to see how we instill ideas that counteracts equality beliefs, into tiny, developing brains of our children.  

Our traditional views of “boy toys” typically involve cars and block sets that stimulates their logical thinking. “Girl toys”, on the other hand, such as doll houses and kitchen sets, often fosters imaginative play and interpersonal social skills. It doesn’t surprise me that the engineering departments are still dominated by men, while 80% of social workers are still women. Marketers have been labeling toys with blue and pink, to simplify your decision-making process to pull out your wallets. However, not only does this limit your child’s scope of learning, it also instills gender inequality subconsciously in their minds.  

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