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The Toy Box is swapped every four weeks to keep your child stimulated and challenged, so the fun and learning never ends

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So glad Happy Baton exists!

Our kid loves the Happy Baton toys! If you notice your kid likes some toys more than others the guys at Happy Baton are flexible and patient in letting you trade a few smaller toys for bigger ones, which has been particularly helpful for our family! The delivery and pick up of toys is also seamless and efficient! Grateful for this service!

Child's age(s)19 months

Great Learning & Fun

Our baby opens the toy box proactively every morning just to play with the toys! It’s sort of become a routine for her and we are also using them to teach baby k about colours, sounds and musical instruments. She learnt to match things as well with the musical instrument puzzle, which is something new. Overall well worth they subscription price.

Child's age(s)18 Months

It was always a big

It was always a big challenge for me to see so many baby equipment and toys on the market but we can’t bring most of them home. I know second-hand is an option but still I need to deal with the deals and sanitation. So I am so grateful to ever found HappyBaton, making our life easier. We have rented several equipment here. Each time, I don’t have to consider that much any more, only that how many of them we can take at the same time. Knowing that those equipment were chosen and will be chosen by other families also makes them full of stories and it is like a same piece of experience shared by many.

Child's age(s)10months

Bb Keep住有新鮮感

我想join package的原因是本身認同借玩具的理念,環保,又可以減少浪費。畢竟Bb 對玩具3分鐘熱度,好快不想玩。特別是大型玩具,例如搖搖馬,小廚房。香港地方細,真的沒有動力買回家。如果買了,Bb 長大後,又要搵方法處理,其實都幾麻煩。(還會被家人唸:當初就不應該買咁大件…)

收到第一個toy box, Gymnast’s Toy Box。大人喜歡木質玩具的感覺,特別是Pull Along Happy Alligator,我們玩得比Bb多。Bb最喜歡Chime Tower。由一開始害怕它,到懂得放波波進去,再反轉tower,由下面倒轉塞波波上去,到現在喜歡扔波波落地下,聽波波彈落地的聲音。我覺得有了chime tower後,Bb的手仔肌肉進步了很多。在這1個月裡,Bb由拎野都傻下傻下,變成收放自如,還懂拎波波放進我手心,要我一起玩。感覺很神奇!

唯一是對於happy baton的手機版網頁和電腦版網頁感到有點user unfriendly 。希望未來可以改善一下吧~

P.S. 本人IG: foxbeartiger0415,有時也會hashtag 你們的,希望可以讓多些家長知道你們!

Child's age(s)10 months

Very good quality and condition

Love the mix of the toys provided, my kid loves them so much!

Child's age(s)1 year old

First time user

So far my baby and I are having pleasant experiences with the toys. He enjoys them a lot.

Child's age(s)8 months

We’ve been receiving Happy Baton’s

We’ve been receiving Happy Baton’s toy box rental for a few months now and I can’t recommend it enough. Not only is it more sustainable for the environment (kids grow and become bored of toys quickly), but it also saves space (very precious in Hong Kong apartments!), and my son is constantly learning and entertained with new items suitable for his development (without me having to think and do research). Their toys are good quality, clean, and safe and their customer service is very kind, as well as accommodating.
I’m now going on to rent bigger furniture (Pikler triangle) and love the convenience of it being dropped off for me then picked up once we’re done.
Renting and sharing is the way to go! Every little bit we do towards a more circular economy helps.

Taylor Richard
Child's age(s)7 months

A lifesaver in quarantine and beyond

What a great idea, especially here in Hong Kong where space to store copious amounts of toys is just not feasible. I ordered two boxes while I was in quarantine and my son loved the toys that were selected for him. Toys I would not have necessarily chosen myself. Have since chosen to continue with the subscription and every month is like Christmas opening up the new toys. My son also typically loses interest in toys after say a month so it’s perfect that we get to swap them out for new ones. Would highly recommend to others.

Child's age(s)2

Amazing idea of sustainable play

Happy Baton provides our family with toys which are fun and at the same time educational. Our kids love them very much. The most amazing thing is that we get to swap our toys with other toys after a certain period of time and contribute to environmental sustainability.

Eva Tse
Child's age(s)3

We just received our first

We just received our first box, the music box, and our daughter is absolutely over the moon with the toys in it. The mini piano is such a hit and I love that she gets to experience all these new toys every month whilst also being a more sustainable option! Would highly recommend!

Rachel Adams
Child's age(s)7 months

Loved it!

We are so happy to have been able to rent from Jade! This is our third child but first time using the Snoo. There was a significant difference in the amount of sleep we got in the first few months with the Snoo compared to our older two children. Absolutely loved it and would definitely recommend the Snoo and Jade’s service to anyone. Thank you, Jade, for helping to make the first few months enjoyable this time around! 😊

Child's age(s)6 months

we love the service

So far we love the service and would highly recommend it! I’m so glad we have the option to rent the pikler triangle (especially when it’s quite bulky and I wasn’t sure whether my little one likes it). Now I’m just excited to see that my 9 months old start climbing on it !

Child's age(s)9 Months

They did not pay me to write this LOL

When someone first told me about Happy Baton, the first thing that came to mind was are the toys clean?! My baby is going to eat everything, so I messaged them and the customer service lady was happy to explain their sanitizing process to me, so we gave it ago!

Now that we’ve subscribed to the toy boxes for a couple of months, I can only say I love it, I love it so much I’ve been telling everyone about it and now writing this testimonial. The toys are always in excellent condition; the order/delivery/collection process is a breeze, communication with HB is great; there are NO plastic packaging which I hate; and most of all, I don’t have to think of things to entertain my kid. For many of us, we don’t have space to keep all the big toys. The thought of being able to play/use high quality toys/equipment, and know that I can get rid of it when we’re ‘done’, makes me so happy!

Child's age(s)11 months

Snoo rental

We had a great experience with our three months SNOO rental. Great product condition and smooth delivery. Was a pleasure working with Jade!

Child's age(s)12 weeks

good quality toys!

The toys look new and fun! my son particularly like to play with the water sink😄 Thank you so much for selecting such fun and safe toys for us😄

Luke Mak
Child's age(s)2

Spread the joy!

I love the idea that many children enjoyed the toy before mine did. I was able to try new toys but not commit to keeping it. Both my children played with the toys in many different ways and it was a lovely way to keep things ‘fresh’ and active during this pandemic. The communication with the staff was easy and quick. Thank you Happy Baton!

Jane Wu
Child's age(s)2yo/8mo

Snoo rental

Totally recommend the Snoo rental as an affordable and easy option for your newborn.
Highly recommend Happy Baton as Jade provides amazing service!

Child's age(s)2 months

Envrionemental Friendly & Efficient Service! So thankful for Happy Baton!

When I first came across this platform, I was super excited because it would save space and my kid would get a rotation of different toys every month! Happy Baton curates a series of toys according to your child’s age & development milestone.

The cleaning process really made me feel safe and was one of the key reason I started subscribing to the premium plan. With owners who are parents, I feel Happy Baton would understand what mums are looking for, and what are the concerns when looking at this service.

The website / subscription is super easy to understand and user friendly – you can see the toys from the website too! I am so grateful for this service as it saves me a lot of headache on what to buy for my kid that are educational and fun. The premium package also include bigger toys which you can rotate on monthly basis – perfect because kids usually get bored of one toy soon and you are not stuck with it forever.
The conditions of the toys are great and the entire process has been super pleasant.

I would highly recommend Happy Baton to everyone – switch up the toys for your bubs, save space at home, and most importantly – save the environment!

Jennifer Feng
Child's age(s)1

The very first step off the fence

I believe all parents agree that the same toy can inspire a baby in different ways.

My son is the observant type. While he had been standing and walking along the fence of his playpen, he never take one step further without any assistance.

Until this premium toy landed in his little play area, his eyes sparkled and he let go his hands off the fence and walked towards this toy and started playing with it! He even walked around the toy.

Since then, he has been running around the house and now we have to secure all the cabinet, corner and doors. hahahahhahahah….. thanks very much Happy Baton!

Nelson, dad of baby Q
Child's age(s)1

Great idea, less clutter, less waste

We’ve been using Happy Baton for a few months and we’ve been thrilled with the service. Our baby love the variety and whilst not every toy is a total hit, it’s actually a good thing and fun to be able to see what she prefers. It’s great to mix it up with different toys each month and do so sustainably!

Amy, mum of baby A
Child's age(s)6 months

Fun learning at home!

The premium plan is a lifesaver for working moms! Effortless toy rotation monthly, allowing me to pick items focusing on different skills. My daughter struggled with puzzles at 12 months, but with repetition and practice her playgroup teacher now believes she is advanced in matching and sorting! She is also a highly sought after playdate as her friends love to come over and share her premium play equipment; the Quikfold Fun Slide in our playpen right now is a big hit. Highly recommend for families who care about sustainability and want suggestions on adjusting toys and play activities for skill based learning at home.

Janet, mum of baby C
Child's age(s)15m

High quality toys, Great Service!

My little baby girl loves the toys! The toys are super nice and high quality, the service is great too! I will definitely recommend to mama friends around, as it’s a very environmental-friendly and great scheme!

Child's age(s)1

3 Siblings Learning Through Play

I love how Happy Baton has age appropriate toys belong my 3 kids (7, 4, 1) all develop creative and practical skills alongside each other with their own pace. I love the circular eco-friendly mission of Happy Baton as well, since we are able to donate toys and give them new life, as well as try new and high quality toys monthly like a library system. Imagine my joy when I found my 3 kids able to play together and apply the skills they learned to sorting pieces, cooperating, and completing a complicated few-hundred piece puzzle together. I’m a long time customer of Happy Baton and plan to continue on since my children adore learning and growing with them. I love how they learn even when they’re playing and having down time the rigors of their academics and extracurriculars.

Jennifer Cheng
Child's age(s)Lara (7), Maximus (4), Arabella (1)

A great solution for Hong Kong parents

We love Happy Baton toys, where your child gets to try out the all sort of toys without having to buy them.

Hong Kong space is precious, so big bulky toys is not always ideal. That is why Happy Baton is such a good solution. Your child gets to experience and play with these toys for a month, and a month later, they can try something else.

Our favourite is their premium collection, where our son was able to experience and play with the arch and soon the pickler triangle. We cannot wait!

Highly recommend them. Great communication, organise and hassle free!

Christine Field-Hall (aka Mummy Diary HK)
Child's age(s)17 months

Love the concept!

Loving the concept! As an eco-friendly mom, it can be frustrating to refuse buying as many toys as my little ones might ask. BUT RENTING TOYS is GENIUS!!! I don’t have to find them a permanent place in my small home, I don’t have to deal with them once my kids outgrow them, I can have new ones every month. I even use it to trial what they’ll like for Christmas and birthdays!!!

Child's age(s)2 & 5

I’m so glad to have

I’m so glad to have found this sustainable, eco-friendly toy borrowing service in Hong Kong. I love seeing my child’s face light up when presented with new toys, but at the same time I didn’t love the idea of buying items that would eventually end up collecting dust in a corner, or end up in landfill.
I decided to give Happy Baton a try and have been very impressed. The whole process from placing my order to delivery was quick and simple, and my daughter is loving the variety of toys that were selected for her. Now she can be delighted with new toys every month while playing a small part in protecting the environment!

Child's age(s)1

Thank you!

Really great customer service and selection of toys. My child received a range of different fun toys that kept her entertained for hours.

It’s something I would never have picked but goes to show the toy experts know what they’re doing!

Child's age(s)3

Great for the environment

I really like the idea how the toys can be re-played as my kids have gone through so many toys.

It’s nice to know their pre-loved toys are being enjoyed by other kids too!

Child's age(s)5, 3 & 1

Such a great idea!

My son loves receiving different toys every month and I don’t have to deal with all the toy clutter at home.

Child's age(s)2
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